I want to start by saying, I adore this family! I first photographed them when Geo was on his way. I photographed their pregnancy announcement, his newborn session and now his first birthday milestone! Christina always has the girls dressed adorably and having a little boy is no different!

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They wanted a baseball themed shoot for this guy and I couldn’t wait to come up with a setup! I was so happy with the outcome, we had a blast with it. Geo was the happiest, he was smiling the whole time.

Well, mostly the whole time…there was this moment. But seriously, even this is ahhhdorable!


I could have photographed him all day, he was such a joy!

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After we had fun with the baseball theme, we switched it up!

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I’m always impressed with how well behaved these little ladies are, and seriously…these freaking outfits! I love how Geo has a matching bow tie with the girls.

That was a wrap for this 1 year session! Until next time, Berry family 🙂

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