Fantasy Art Images

Fantasy Art Images

I think we can all agree, these are some strange times we are living in! What started out as a personal creative project with my son, quickly evolved. I started getting so many requests for these fantasy art images. Many people are missing out on pictures right now, so this is a fun way to get some new images for your walls! Had a baby recently? So many fun newborn images can be composed!

I am taking photos from previous sessions or images provided by you, via camera phone or personal camera and creating fun, fantasy prints. I can do newborn, dinosaurs, dragons, unicorns, mermaids, just about anything you can think of! If scenic backgrounds are more your jam, such as beautiful floral fields, rustic barns, mountains etc just say the word! These are being created as everlasting keepsakes for you to have and hang in your home, and help keep the doors of this small business open!

$50-$150 (depending on the piece). Please fill out the form for a quote.
These images are truly art. They take several hours to create as well as having to purchase licenses for background images, as well as standard business operating fees. You may also purchase these images as prints, from my professional lab.

How to Purchase?

Please fill out the form below. Within 24 hours I will get back to you with a quote. I do not start working on your art pieces until payment is made.

How do I provide the pictures?
If you have not had photos with me, or need to take a picture for this specific art piece, I would be happy to help! Free of charge, I can coach you on positioning and lighting to get the perfect photo.

Prints will be available curbside pickup in Hatfield (no contact) or can be mailed (shipping fees apply).

Once the stay at home order is lifted, I will no longer be accepting images you provide. These will then be offered as themed mini sessions and have mini session pricing. More to come on that once we get the all clear.

*Due to the length of time these art images take to make, I will only be taking a certain number/month. Make sure to get in touch if you are interested!


Have your own idea? I’d love to hear it! Use the next space to tell me all about it so I can provide a personalized quote!

T Rex

Newborn Cinderella