Happy 1/2 Year Graham!

6 month session

Hello friends, meet Graham. When he walked into the studio, it took everything in me not to pinch those adorable sweet cheeks. I mean… COME ON! The last time I saw this sweet face, he was only days old. I can’t believe how much can change in 6 months, which is why these milestone sessions are so important! Between those cheeks, dimples, smile and Burberry outfit, I just couldn’t get enough of this sweet baby!

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When mom told me she loves crying pictures, I was SO excited. I mean how is this face not the cutest, even when crying! Don’t let this face fool you – he was 99% smiles!

6 month sitter session

This year, i’ve started sending my clients surveys when they book a session. It’s loaded with questions but really helps me understand your child/family and what you are looking for in a session. It even gives you the option to provide your color preferences and upload pictures. This mom was able to upload a picture of Graham’s outfit to the survey and this helped me immensely with planing the setup! We both decided that since he was gong to be wearing a bright and bold (Burberry) outfit, a neutral setup would be best. I personally LOVE simple setups and it keeps the focus on baby.

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Also new, this was a 30 minute milestone mini session! Seriously…all this cuteness packed into a 30 minute session and all of these sweet memories to forever cherish! Photographing children is my passion! Click here to view all the packages we offer. Looking to book several milestone sessions like this sweet family? Click here to learn about our Baby Plan to save money!

Thank you for being the sweetest Graham, see you in another 1/2 a year for your 1 year milestone session!

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