Happy 1st Birthday Gioia!


It happens every time, but I seriously feel like I just had her in the studio doing her newborn photos. Then again for 6 month pictures, and now the big 1! I mean seriously, look at this girl over the past year!

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Her Mom always lets me use my creativity to come up with her sets and I FOREVER love her for it (among other reasons :-))! If you have booked a milestone session with me, you know I love to keep my sets simple, classic, timeless and all about the baby. I think these two backdrops are the perfect combination of classic girly FUN! I always love my bone colored backdrop and then adding props and decor. Once we added the sequence backdrop for the cake smash, it just helped to bring the FUN! Enjoy these photos of Gioia celebrating her first birthday milestone. We laughed, we played, we had a blast and best of all…we had CAKE! Happy 1st birthday baby girl, I can’t wait to watch you grow!

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