Baby F, we are waiting for you!


As most of you know, newborn photography is a lot of what I do. In the months following a newborn session, you might find me photographing some more big moments along the way. I am doing milestone sessions, such as 4 months, 6 months and the most exciting…the 1 year session. Sometimes, a family session thrown in there as well. The 1 year milestone session is so fun, and usually involves smashing a cake. Seriously though, what is more adorable than a toddler smashing a cake?! Thats right, we went from newborn to toddler in 12 little months.

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Before all of these milestones and baby sweetness, it all starts with a maternity session. Being a mother myself, maternity sessions have such a special place in my heart. Trust me when I say, this time deserves to be documented. If i’m being totally honest, I didn’t appreciate this time in my own life, until it had past. At the time, I had no idea the amount of love my heart was capable of handling. I had no idea it would be possible, to go for such long stretches of getting zero sleep. I had no idea that motherhood could make me so unbelievably happy, yet totally understand 2007 Brittney Spears, all in 1 day. I also, never thought about how this would be the very last time it would be just us…just my husband and I. I’m happy to report, during my next pregnancy, I made the time to get some maternity photos and I will forever cherish them.

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Dana already had a newborn session booked with me, I was so happy she decided to add on a maternity session. I always love getting to meet my soon to be parents, before the little bundle of joy arrives. We talked about their future plans, nursery progress and how very excited they are for baby F! They are in the final weeks of it only being Dana + Marc and they are beyond excited! Dana and I went back and forth with wardrobe ideas and her choices were beautiful and she looked stunning! Marc told her that himself during our session and seriously, does it get any sweeter? I wish these two a lifetime of happiness as their family grows. I can’t wait to see them soon and capture their sweet little man!

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