Newborn sessions have my heart and soul! This was such a sweet session for this little girl. Fun fact, these photos were all compliments of my own traveling mini studio. Despite starting to work out of my own studio in 2018, it was always so important to me that I offer the option to travel to clients homes. Coming home with a baby, especially if it’s your first baby can be scary and overwhelming. The very last thing you want to stress about, is getting to a photography studio. Also, I swear it took me like four months to EVER get out of the door on time with my first baby!

Not all newborns are easy to photograph, but this little lady was a dream. I mean seriously, just look at that eye contact! She was the perfect mixture between sound asleep for the posed shots, but also made sure to look right at the camera for her Mom and Dad! Her Mom was very particular about utilizing earth tones and I couldn’t love her selection more! Their house was absolutely beautiful and these images will go perfectly with their home rustic decor!

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